And We're Off On Our Way, Again
posted May.28.14 at 10:47 am

And so the second chapter of our story begins!  This one promises to be far more Mann-centric, which may be exciting for some of you.  Maybe all of you!  I don't know, I'm not telepathic.

Meanwhile, our Patreon is slowly climbing up there - thank you to everyone who has contributed and is helping to make sure we can bring PhD Unknown to you a bit more regularly.  We're still a little ways from reaching our first goal, to make sure that PhD Unknown will get updated once a week without breaks or delays, so if you enjoy the comic and want to help us make more, please consider becoming a patron.  The rewards you'll get are pretty great, and hey, we might even be able to bring you PhD Unknown TWICE A WEEK.  How cool is that?

Thanks, all!


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