We're Still Here - And How You Can Help
posted May.22.14 at 07:09 pm

Hello everyone!

We're getting back on track and just about to start sharing the second chapter of PhD Unknown.  Yes, it's been a long three month interlude, but we're close.

One of the reasons we had to take as long as we did was a matter of making sure ends meet.  Joan needed to pick up a bunch of freelance work to take care of important things on her end - you know, like meeting rent and being able to eat.  Important things!  PhD Unknown is a fun project for us, but obviously there are distinct needs that have to come first.

We certainly heard from a number of you while we were on the interlude, and we'd like just as much as you to make sure we can stick to a regular schedule moving forward.  One of our plans for doing so is to put ads on the site here, like was always planned.

But another major component will be through Patreon.  If you're not familiar with Patreon, it's essentially a modern-day means for anyone to be a patron of the arts, directly supporting content creators so that they can make more content that you like!  And by doing so, you get access to a number of distinct privileges, which in this case include behind-the-scenes scripts and sketches, digital prints and wallpapers, and helping to contribute to the direction of future comics.

While Dante's name may be at the top, the funds will go directly to making sure we both can meet deadlines and not have to take on freelance work - and if we hit our goals, not only will PhD Unknown come back on a steady, regular basis - we may even be able to push it to twice a week.  Which would be a real dream for us!

So if you can, take a look at the Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron.  Thanks!

We'll be back with more PhD Unknown soon.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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