Meet Ben
posted May.20.13 at 10:02 pm

Welcome to the launch of PhD Unknown!  This is the very beginning of what we hope will be a long running story, pulling together strands from science, life, and a cavalcade of unknown creatures.  Hopefully you're interested in joining us for the ride.

We're planning on updating weekly - at least here in the beginning - so feel free to add us to your RSS or just stay tuned for more pages as we get to know Ben, Dr. Mann, Vonnie, and many others.

As part of our launch today, Joan will be running a draw-me-anything over on Reddit starting later on Friday (today) - so keep your eyes peeled.  Dante will be hanging around in the comment section over there to answer science questions and crack bad puns, as well. UPDATE: Here's the link!

There's many more pages and chapters to come here at PhD Unknown.  Welcome aboard!


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